Slovak Paradise

Slovak Paradise was announced for the National Park in 1988, especially for extraordinary natural and aesthetic values. It belongs to the Slovak Ore Mountains, the whole Spiš-Gemer Karst. In the West borders with Low Tatras, in the North with Hornad Basin. The Altitudes in the territory of the Slovak Paradise range from 500 m (on the border with Hornad Basin) to 1270 m (Ondrejisko). Geological conditions created special nature of surface plasticity of the Slovak Paradise. Created by the peculiar territory, specially rich in natural values and beauty. The biggest merit on its attractiveness has karst pateau (Glac, Geravy, around Raven Rock, Lipovica and Ondrejiska and other). There are preserved various surface karst occurences (grikes, karst pits, roc steps, valleys). The largest preserved plateau is the Glac. Water from this plains models for thousands years deep narrow cuts - the gorges (Kyseľ, Faclon Valley, Small and Large Falcon, Piecky, Suchá Belá and others). Now models not only gorges, but also beautiful waterfall and cascades.

The longest and mightiest gorge is the Great Falcon with lenght of 4,5 km and more than 50 caves. In the Slovak Paradise is a rich development of underground karst phenomena: caves and chasms. The most important caves are:
Stratenská cave (it is the second longest cave in Slovakia), cave Dogs holes, Bear cave (it is area with rich occurrence of bones of extincted cave bear), Long cave, Devil's cave, Bird's cave, near Čingov is famous Tomášovská cave and the only available cave in the Slovak Paradise - Dobšinská ice cave. Its opening hours you can find here. Currently there are 350 registered caves and chasms.

Slovak Paradise is a territory with special animal communities of gorges and karst's plateaus, which has remarkable importance for the preservation of many important species. In the Slovak Paradise was identified more than 4000 kinds of invertebrates. For example, here lives 2000 kinds of butterflies, of which overe 30 kinds are protected. In the parts of the Slovak Paradise still lives brown bear, wolf ordinary, lynx, wild cat, deer and several species of bats. Territory of the Slovak Paradise is characterized by forest cover. Up to 90% of the territory covers forests, mainly coniferous. Meadows and pastures have its charm throughout whole growing season.

Flora of the Slovak Paradise is very rich and colorful. There is more than 900 kinds, many their are protected and very rare ind Slovakia. Flora of the Slovak paradise is an integral part of this natural jewel, so feel this beauty with your sight and let you feel others visitors, who come to us.